Use this list of ten characteristics to help identify a Maine Coon cat:

  1. Size. The number one telltale sign of a Maine Coon is that it has a huge, elongated, rectangular body. These cats are BIG. Healthy adult males average 13-18lbs, and females weigh in at 9-14lbs. Some coons have been known to get up to 25lbs.
  2. Coat. Thick, long, water-resistant fur that evolved to keep them toasty warm in frigid climates, like the American Northeast. Maine Coons are built for snow. Coats range from solid to tabby patterns in all different colors.
  3. Voice. Speaks in trills and chirps much of the time. What does that sound like? It’s not a meow, although coons do also meow. It’s a very distinct and unique sound – you’ll know it if you hear it.
  4. Feet. Big feet with long, thick fur coming out from between the toe pads and main pad to protect skin from the cold ground and sharp pine needles.
  5. Tail. Again, thick, long fur. Coons tend to hold their tails very proudly up in the air when they’re walking around.
  6. Mane. Long, thick mane covering the neck and chest.
  7. Ears. Large ears with long hair coming off the tips to keep warm and improve sound collection.
  8. Temperament. Sweet, playful, sensitive, likes to be petted, interested in and friendly to people; “dog-like”. Not a lap cat, but will follow you around and hang out with you. Always wants to “help” with whatever you’re doing.
  9. Pants. From the back, it looks like your cat is wearing pants because of the long fur covering its upper hind legs.
  10. Configuration. Maine Coons are “upside down” cats. They love to lie around on their backs with their bellies exposed, a testament to their relaxed nature.


Maine Coon kittens can be harder to identify because many physical characteristics and personality traits become more pronounced with maturity. One of the first things you can notice about Maine Coon kittens is their tendency to chirp and trill, the hairiness of their ear tips, and presence of a fluffy young kitten coat.