It’s a good idea to get a health plan for your cat so that all of its health needs are fully cared for. Especially during the first year of life, a health plan is going to save you a lot of money on required immunizations and spaying/neutering. Additionally, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that if your cat gets sick or injured, it’s covered.

How it works:

You pay a monthly fee and the plan covers required and recommended vaccinations (rabies, FeLV – Feline Leukemia Virus, FVRCP – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia (distemper)), spaying/neutering, deworming, stool samples, baseline health evaluations in case your cat gets sick, general checkups, and emergency care. At places like Banfield Pet Hospital inside Petsmart, the plan includes free unlimited visits, certificates of health in case you need to travel with your cat, and an optional dental care upgrade. I’m a big fan of using Banfield because they’re nationwide, and once you have the plan, you can go to any location. So if you’re out of town and your cat becomes ill, you can bring him/her to the nearest location at no extra charge under the health plan (because you have unlimited visits).


At Banfield, our plan costs $20/month per cat for basic (no dental), and with dental it’s just $25/month. If you want to skip the professional dental care for the first year of your cat’s life, that’s probably fine because you’re pretty busy with vaccinations, spaying/neutering, general wellness and all the extra care that kittens need. However, you should still be doing at-home tooth brushing during this time. By the second year or whenever your kitten health plan graduates into a cat plan, then you can add dental. It’s not much more expensive, and it’s part of what you need to do as a cat parent to keep your cat living a full and healthy life. Read more about the importance of dental health in Teeth.

If you don’t have access to a Petsmart or Banfield location, shop around with local vets and clinics in your area to find prices and care that fit your budget and needs. Your cat will thank you for it.