Grooming is an easy way to begin forging a lifetime bond with your kitten. Kittens generally stay with their mother for 8-12 weeks, fully weaning from milk at 8-10 weeks. If your kitten was separated or orphaned from its mother too soon, performing these grooming behaviors is especially important:

  1. Dip a soft, cat tongue-sized paintbrush in 100°F water. The normal body temperature of a cat ranges from 99.2-102.5°F. Make sure the paintbrush is NEW.
  2. Blot the paintbrush so it’s moist, not sopping or dripping wet.
  3. Pick your kitten up by the scruff by pinching the back of its neck with your thumb and forefingers.
  4. Place your kitty in front of you and begin “licking” it with the paintbrush in the same way a mother cat bathes her kitten.

Watch this video to see how it’s done: