Maine Coon cats come in many colors and are known for their large size and playful temperament. Distinctive physical traits include long tufts of hair between the toes and coming off of the ear tips, long body hair, huge, fluffy tails and big, long, rectangular bodies.

Maine Coons are very talkative cats, with dynamic sound profiles. They will often communicate in chirps and trills in addition to normal meowing. They are known as “gentle giants” and “the Great Dane of cats” because they are so big, sweet and lovable. Many Maine Coons just LOVE to play with water, which is entertaining both for them and for the people they own.

A Maine Coon mix may lack some specific physical characteristics, such as ear tip hair, but will take on many of the dominant Maine Coon personality traits. Use the following list of popular topics to explore Maine Coon Mom and learn more about choosing, raising, caring for, and living a great life with your Maine Coon:

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